2018 Nilpena Rosé (Barossa Valley)


Tasting notes: Fanning the spectrum of berry fruits this enticing example shows the refreshing essence of Shiraz. Moreish strawberry, cherry and cranberry flavours are derived from the short time on macerated berries before drawing the wine off for a cool controlled fermentation. Textual characters of guava and floral notes are further enhanced from a short oak maturation.

The Barossa Valley was the region chosen to highlight the Rosé wine style. 34° 51’S. Altitude:112-596 metres. With high sunshine days and low humidity and rainfall The Barossa Valley consistently produces excellent wines.

The Fossil: Nilpenia is a new genus that was first discovered in the Ediacara Hills of the Flinders Ranges, South Australia. The epicentre of the Ediacaran fossils is on the Nilpena site and the current custodian is Ross Fargher, giving the name Nilpenia Rossi.

Nilpenia was a stationary inhabitant that lived in the upper millimeters of sand on the ocean floor. It was fan to circular in shape and was mainly under 10 centimetres in diameter but could span up to 30 centimetres. As Nilpenia increased in size, it displaced sediment through a series of ridges and branching tubes.

Soil type: Biscay clay loam

Winemakers Notes: The grapes were night picked as soon as they reached ripeness to retain the freshness of Shiraz and also the crisp acidity. The wine was fermented to dryness. A further dimension to this style was gained from aging the base wine in French oak barrels.

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Dimensions 5 × 5 × 30 cm

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