Parvancorina Tawny (McLaren Vale)


Tasting notes: Garnet red in colour with amber rim. Rich and elegant nose combining aromas of very ripe berry fruit with a delicate caramelised nuttiness and subtle mellow notes of raisin, mulberry and cigar cases. Smooth and mellow in style it is perfect for all desserts and cheeses to finish a meal due to its complex dried fig, chocolate and pudding flavours.

The region: McLaren Vale was the region chosen to highlight this fortified style. 35° 19’S. Altitude: 0-417m. There is a long history of fortified production in this region and it is the bedrock of the Australian wine industry.

The Fossil: Parvancorina is a small and relatively common fossil that exhibited mirrored symmetry of a raised anchor shape sitting on an oval base. It was quite possibly related to crabs and yabbies of today. It was a hardy organism and could be found in gentle shallow waters to deep rough water environments. It fed by sifting water for particles and often occurred in groups of large numbers.

Soil type: sand over clay and limestone – sandy clay loam.

Winemakers Notes: Grenache is the variety used in this Aged Tawny and the wine has been aging in very old oak barrels that impart only complexity rather than tannin. Small bottlings are done as needed and therefore this wine is bottled directly from the barrel it is aged in without filtration and may throw some harmless sediment.

Weight 1.3 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 30 cm